Choosing a Business

Business Models on the Web & BizThoughts Brainstorming Business Ideas Russell Brunson and his Secret Magic BoxInternet Business ModelsThe Ultimate Master List of Revenue Models Used by Web and Mobile Companies

 How to Use the New Keyword Planner 3 pointers for Choosing an Business to Start & Opportunity Recognition & Choosing a Product or Service to Sell & Creative Brainstorming Techniques & How to Use Google Keyword Planner with Setting Up an Account

Sourcing the Product–Broker, Manufacturers, and Wholesalers

How to Find a Wholesale Distributor  How to Quantify and Compare.

How you do determine what business should you do? What I learned is you need a way to rank all the ideas you have.

Here’s a spreadsheet we used to help us make the decision.


Here are some of my takeaways from this project.

  1. Brainstorm around 20 ideas
  2. Find a some quantifiable variables that you can compare. For example, we used Keyword planner and compared a number of searches for each type of business model as well as the cost per click. But you can quantify anything such as “10” being the best and “1” being the worst, for things that are subjunctive. Questions like “Are you passionate about the business? How time-consuming is it? How easy is it to start?
  3. Weight each of these criteria you use to measure each business idea. See this video on how to make weighted factors excel chart.

Here’s another spreadsheet I made when determining what kind of product to sell.

Case Study, Choosing a prodcut


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